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Monica Berg

Monica Berg

Born and raised in Norway, Monica Berg is an award-winning mixologist and entrepreneur based in London. In recent years, she has been recognized with myriad awards for her boundless innovation in mixology and the digital hospitality space. In 2020, she and her partner Alex Kratena won the Bar Innovators of the Year Award from Class Magazine. She also launched Tayēr RTD during the global pandemic, a collection of ready-to-drink bottle cocktails.

MJ Harper

M.J. Harper

Born in Jamaica and raised in Florida, dancer M.J. Harper has a uniquely hypnotic style. He trained for four years at the New World School of the Arts in Miami before launching his career at the Alvin Alley dance company in New York City. His passion for movement drove him to take the leap to join Studio Wayne McGregor (formerly known as Random Dance) in London. While in the U.K., he met and began working with fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner as her muse, choreographer, and friend. His creative drive pulled him to Berlin, where he now lives.

Benedik Giske

Bendik Giske

Bendik Giske is an artist and saxophonist from Berlin. His unique approach to his instrument puts passion and vulnerability front and center in his work. His debut album, Surrender, was released on Smalltown Supersound in early 2019, following the Adjust EP with remixes by Total Freedom and Lotic, as well as Rezzett and Deathprod. Giske takes the building blocks of electronic music and plays them live, without layering or looping, allowing all the faults of being human to come through.

Margot Bowman

Margot Bowman

Born and raised in London, globally-minded filmmaker Margot Bowman now spreads her career between her native U.K., New York, and Los Angeles. She is known for her multi-media approach and innovative use of music and color. Her work embraces the chaotic imperfection and energy of human life. She uses this approach to creative disruptive creative work for a diverse array of institutions and brands, including Tate Modern, Nike, Boiler Room, Diesel and NOWNESS.

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