Campari and Milano – two icons entwined, shaping the past, present, and future of one another thanks to their shared style, values, ethos and heritage. Their past is grounded in a long-standing heritage and rich history; while their present captures a world-famous culture and lifestyle, and a future devoted to evolving icons through innovation.

Since its creation, Campari has been both inspired by and a reflection of all that Milano has to offer. Campari – just like Milano – unveils its hidden layers one at a time: multifaceted and complex, modern, and historic, classical and avant-garde – the propeller of the entrepreneurial spirit. ​

Milano is a vibrant metropolis at the heart of Italian culture, with a rich history of mixology. It is not only the hometown of Campari, playing a key role in the brand’s creation, evolution and future, but it is also the birthplace of the Aperitivo. These two icons each offer layers to be discovered and a depth that inspires the creativity and innovation to bring this culture to the world. The Campari journey starts with Milano, and the rest is history.
Camparino in Galleria, Milano.


Milano is a city with world renowned style and design, famed for sleek shapes and classic cuts. Campari’s image has evolved many times since its creation, yet this redesign takes a fresh look to celebrate Campari’s authenticity and historic credentials – highlighting the role Milan, beacon of style and fashion, has played in the conception and evolution of the brand.
The new bottle design is a visual ode to Milano, taking aesthetic cues from each element of the city’s culture in a timeless design that offers effortless confidence mixed with understated elegance, much like Milano itself. The sharpness of the lines reflects the sleek, minimalist fashion and contemporary design that Milano is known for, representing true Milanese craftsmanship and elegance. The direction of the lines signifies the journey of the aperitivo culture from Milano to the world, leading the eyes to the crest of the city in the centre of the bottle. 

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