2014 Worldwide Celebration

Nothing worthy of attention goes unnoticed, and this is particularly true when it comes to enjoying a celebration. Celebrating 2014 with Campari meant enjoying 12 months photographed by Koto Bolofo, discovering worldwide passions and styles through the most intriguing festivities on the planet, spanning every latitude and culture alongside the stunning Uma Thurman. From the Spring Festival in Beijing, the biggest celebration in China, to Hanami in Japan, where people enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms of spring, the 2014 Calendar provides a window on the world and invites fans of Campari to embark on a global voyage of discovery. The celebrations in the Calendar span every continent and also include Midsummer’s Eve in England, during which revellers celebrate the Summer Solstice at the historic Stonehenge, and the bright and exhilarating Reveillon in Brazil, the biggest New Year Celebration in the world.

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