2012 It's The End Of The World Baby!

Once upon a time there was a world. It could be the start of a science fiction novel, but it isn't. According to an ancient Mayan prophecy, the 21st of December should have been the day that the world ended, so the question was: what's the use of worrying? The only thing to do was to keep on being thirsty for emotions, for passion, for life. To live each moment intensely and be overwhelmed by the beauty of every day, to transform it into a celebration, like Dimitri Daniloff does as he photographs the beautiful Mila Jovovich. Entitled "It’s the end of the world, baby!", the 2012 Campari Calendar takes its inspiration from the buzz around the Mayan prediction and answers this ‘gloomy’ imaginary taking a positive and energetic look at these intriguing theories, presenting them visually in a series of powerful, awe inspiring photographs. With scenarios inspired from modern cinematography, mythological and biblical origins, the Calendar explores remarkable events from dramatic desertification and hurricanes to alien invasion and meteorite, taking the audience on an extraordinary visual voyage whilst toasting to life with Campari.

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