2011 The Red Affair

Entitled The Red Affair, the Calendar photographed by Michel Comte tells the intriguing story of a charismatic art connoisseur interpreted by Benicio Del Toro, who receives a mysterious message setting him on a fascinating adventure to uncover a ring of illegal art dealers and rescue a beautiful woman. For the 12th edition of the Calendar, Campari took a unique approach, taking inspiration from the power of cinema. The Red Affair seeked to capture the audience through an engaging and intriguing cinematic story told through a series of photographs. In order to achieve this through still images alone, Campari chose a lead actor to star alongside the Red Drink who could bring as much passion and authenticity to an image as they do to film, and found this in Benicio Del Toro. Campari is the connecting thread throughout the story. It's the developing unspoken relationship between the characters, the bond that brings these intense and passionate individuals together, enhancing their exciting and pleasurable moments.

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