2007 Hotel Campari

Campari celebrates Red Passion through its new, bold and provocative "Hotel Campari" - an intriguing blend of art and advertising. The Calendar, seen through the camera lens of world-famous photographer Mario Testino, is an exciting mythical destination, starring Salma Hayek, that invites further exploration into the mystery, intrigue and passion of Campari. Seductive vignettes where the Hotel Campari is depicted as a magical place where anything can happen. The Calendar takes the idea of boutique hotels, which are exciting places, and marries them to the brand: drinking Campari is about a moment of pleasure, of personal indulgences, but also a moment of sharing this pleasure with other people. This temptation is perfectly represented with a whisper like atmosphere in the Hotel Campari, a place where dreams and reality meet, bringing to life the Campari Red Passion.

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