2006 Campari Calendar

For the 2006 Calendar, Campari chose for the second consecutive year Giovanni Gastel, the Italian photographer of international renown, to capture with his camera lens three exceptional subjects and the fullness of their expressiveness: the beautiful Martina Colombari, the vintage Moschino clothes and, of course, the Campari bottle. In occasion of the sixth edition of the Calendar, the bottle of the world’s most famous aperitif claims, for the first time in the history of the Campari Calendars, a lead role for the realisation of twelve splendid images with a result that is once again unique and original. A union of icons representative of Italian style, internationally recognised in the fashion world and beyond. The shots are based on the sensual game, elegant and often ironic of the interpretation of twelve vintage Moschino outfits, a transversal choice in time of a symbol of elegance that ties itself to Campari for the intrinsic passion and emotion of the two brands. The bottle assumes the same dimensions as Martina and becomes, in the creator’s game, a model in an intriguing interaction with Gastel’s lens.