Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez


25 ml Bulldog Gin
25 ml Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Rosso
25 ml Campari
50 ml Spiced Ginger Ale
Mint leaves and ground pepper
Finish with ginger foam
(you can use 350 ml of ginger ale with 75 ml of lime juice and 2 tbs of albumin in a cream siphon)
Preparation Method

Mix all the ingredients in a Perlini bottle.

'Tulip' glass.

Bitter and refreshing.

About Her

“My cocktail bar is not just about cocktails, it’s about everything.”
It’s a matter of nuances, and points of view. And above all, it’s a question of energy.
I think Jessica has things very clear in her mind, so I try to understand what she’s referring to, or alluding to, when she talks about energy.
Her smile says it all though, and if the eyes are the window into the soul, I’ve already managed to perceive something of hers.
“The energy you give off, that is around you, that’s what will determine whether you have a positive experience or not, in my bar or anywhere else. It’s a predisposition of the soul, in a way.” That’s what she means when she explains that the cocktails in her bar aren’t everything, because it’s also very important how the people who work there understand and respect the ingredients and their essence, how they treat one another and what sort of people they are.
So in a world that is so fussy about appearances, here’s Jessica who focuses above all on a question of soul. At this point I can’t wait for her to introduce me to her creation.

Tommaso Cecca

Tommaso Cecca


4 cl Campari
4 cl Bulldog Gin
2 cl Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Rosso
2 cl Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis Alexandre
Drops of incense and myrrh extract
Vanilla and gold leaf
Vanilla wafer
Spiritello decoration
Carved ice cube
Preparation Method

Smoke the mixing glass with incense and myrrh. Pour in the Campari, Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis Alexandre and Bulldog Gin. Add ice and mix well. Finish off with the Spiritello wafer on the rim of the glass.

Plain tumbler.

A Negroni with a rich and intense body and notes of ancient flavours: incense and myrrh mixed with the bitter-sweet taste of Campari and the primordial essence of botanics. Final note: toasted orange and a touch of wood.

About Him

“In my case it was above all vocation. You don’t start running a bar almost on your own at 13 unless it’s part of you...,” says the Bar Manager at Camparino, who works in one of the most magical bars in Milan, an establishment that preserves the soul of Campari better than any other. You breathe the air of a city in continual evolution, where certain details bring you back to the roaring ’20s, and others show modernity in its most extreme.

Tommaso tells me he adores working here because this is where you can appreciate all this, and that working with Campari means using an ingredient that’s absolutely unique.
“It’s an aperitif spirit, timeless and always modern.”
His eyes sparkle as he tells me about how his passion led him to experiment and travel, that his growth included working experience abroad that taught him so much. And how he felt he had to return to where his soul had stayed, as if he were answering its call.

It’s here where everything was born and keeps evolving in fact, so it’s no coincidence that it’s where Tommaso thought up and created his cocktail.
Even though Tommaso’s soul seems to me to be perfectly in tune with the world of creativity behind the counter, I feel sure his cocktail has more than one soul.