Andreas Till

Andreas Till


3 cl Campari
2 cl Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Rosso
2 cl Bulldog Gin
2 cl Soda Water
Lemon twist
Raspberry schnaps
Lemon zest
Spray raspberry schnaps on top of the glass
One large ice cube
Preparation Method

Pour Campari, vermouth and gin into a stirring glass with ice cubes. Stir for about 30 seconds. Add soda water and strain into a tumbler with a large ice chunk. Twist.

Frosted tumbler.

Approaching the glass, a fruity flavour of raspberry awakens curiosity.
The first sip opens with spicy and herbal impressions from the vermouth and the gin and finishes in the bitter elegancy of Campari, just like the resolution of a well played jazz solo.

About Him

Andreas is German.
He has three bars in Munich.
“I decided to become a bartender when I was 15.”
He decided to, and he did. He tells me that, basically, it’s all in the mind. That every time you prepare a cocktail you have to understand two things: what its inventor had in mind, and what the person sitting in front of you expects from the drink.
So the bartender tries to strike a balance between the intentions of the cocktail’s inventor and the expectations of the customer, to give them a surprising experience.
As I listen to him, I’m struck by how rationally he’s explaining this process to me, and he goes on to say that the bartender therefore becomes not the star of the situation, but an artisan.
He knows the tools of the trade, from the liquids to the spirits, and even the simple small talk that helps give the person sitting in front of him the best possible sensation of wellbeing.
The naturalness with which he transforms the experience of a cocktail into what becomes almost an exact formula, constructed with the mind, and to which he then adds passion to make it unique for the customer, convinced me that this was the person I was looking for.
But it’s his cocktail that will now do the talking for him.

Joe Shofield

Joe Shofield


2.5 cl Bulldog Gin
2.5 cl Campari
1 cl Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Rosso
4 Raspberries
3 Dashes Rose Water
Freeze dried raspberry powder on the side.
Preparation Method

Muddle 4 raspberries with the ingredients. Fine strain. Stir

Small coupette.

Sweet with a fragrant, fruity note.

About Him

“When I started studying contemporary art at university, I was working part-time in a cocktail bar. There I realised how much art and creativity also happen behind the counter.”
Joe was a contemporary art student who fell in love with bartending and rapidly became one of the best bartenders in London, and subsequently in the world. He doesn’t seem the type who knows exactly what he wants, but in fact he is.

As soon as he realised that his two guiding passions could be harnessed together behind the counter, his mind was made up. “Creating something artistic and being immediately able to see people appreciate your creation. There’s something magical about it.” His incredibly lucid mind proved to him that those two worlds were in fact a single reality in which the best of both could live. So the flavours he seeks to recreate in his cocktails could be those of a rainy day in London, or of a chef’s dish of the day. But he’s only sure of success when he feels his mind connecting with someone who’s appreciating his creation immediately afterwards. I’m impressed.

The lucidity and determination he showed in pursuing first a dream and then a passion are pretty incredible. I find his journey clearly... Enigmatic. Why from art to bartending? I ask myself, and him. “I’ve never really abandoned art in fact, I’ve just brought it into my world behind the counter.”
Fine by me, because that’s just where I want him to take me, to discover his cocktail.