Stacy Swenson

Stacy Swenson


3.5 cl Campari
2.8 cl Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Rosso
14.2 cl Blood Orange, Beet and Pomegranate Shrub*
8 Drops of Toasted Caraway Tincture
3 Blood Orange Wheels
Lambrusco to top
3 blood orange wheels.
Preparation Method

Build in glass with ice, top with Lambrusco.

Large wine glass or goblet, preferably a long stem Cabernet glass.

Warming but bright, savoury, robust but refreshing, toasty, complex, mildly earthy, herbaceous.

About Her

“Around ten years ago I was working in a steakhouse in Chicago, and was already seriously attracted by the world of Bartending, but they told me women didn’t work behind the counter. I’d say I made them change their minds, right?”. Hearing this from the Bar Manager at Dante, one of the most famous bars in the West Village area of New York City, I started concentrating. It’s almost enough to convince me that Stacey is the right person, but I want to find out more. So she starts telling me her passion for this world started when she was still at college, how everything was driving her towards the art of creating cocktails, but she couldn’t quite achieve her objective. Hers is a story of passion, in which she decided to follow her heart, come what may. She fell in love with this place, and confided in me that even if she didn’t work here, she’d drop round nearly every evening anyway.

“It’s strange: I work in an Italian Aperitivo Cocktail Bar, in Little Italy in New York City, but I’ve never been to Italy.”
She’s followed her heart so far, so it’s only right that I should now take her towards the heart of the Italian aperitif. Milan awaits her.

Seba Garcia

Seba Garcia


30 ml Campari
30 ml Barrel Aged Genever
15 ml Medium Sherry
15 ml Barolo Chinato
Salt Grain (just one big piece to put on top of the ice)
Grapefruit peel oil
Ice Cube
Preparation Method



Citric and Herbs.

About Him

“The Presidente is the centre of my life, as well as of my work.”
I’m immediately struck by the relationship Seba has with his bar in Buenos Aires.
“As well as being the heart of my business, it’s also mine, in a way,” he tells me. And I immediately understand he’s the right one. After all, don’t you always leave a bit of your heart behind when you set up your first business that coincides with your greatest passion?
He tells me that opening the Presidente was an instinctive choice, following his heart and nothing else. He just threw himself into it.
He tells me that behind every recipe, behind every cocktail, are his most beautiful memories, that every one of them has a story to tell.
But I’m not interested in all of them. I want the story behind the Presidente.