Entering Red

Entering Red


Ana’s adventure is a journey of discovery. Her curious soul prompts her to begin the journey. Her acute mind allows her to solve the enigmas along her way. Her heart and passion point her in the right direction. These three elements, that represent the three parts that blend in a perfect balance to make a Negroni, become the three phases of her journey. Milan is there to guide her along. The city becomes her supporting character, talking to Ana and showing her the way. Everything is intended to ensure Ana will discover what is at the end of this intriguing and pleasurable journey into the unknown. And you, are you ready to enter the red?


Ana is a naive but profound girl. Her beauty is almost ripe but not quite. Singing is her secret passion. Her self-confidence is still uncertain.

Her curious soul will allow her to grow, taking her on a journey through a mysterious city that talks to her as she is guided by people who seem to know that journey better than her. To understand who they are and to discover what is at the end of the journey, Ana will need to follow the Red.

If your soul is curious

Mysterious man

An intriguing character, unknown to Ana, who seems to be there just to help her along her journey. He seems to know that world better than Ana. Just as he seems to know some of the people they will meet along the way. He seems to have seen the Red before and know it well.

He does not talk much, at least not enough to give away his identity.

Enter The Red