Art Label


An ambitious and innovative project which aims at confirming the link between Campari and art in all its multiple forms.

  • Art Label 2015


    by Fortunato Depero

    The 2015 collection feature a sketch of the Campari pavilion designed in 1933 for the International Exposition by Futurist artist Fortunato Depero, reimagined with the use of contemporary colours. . The three Art Labels were crafted to generate a standout effect similar to that of a neon sign, which allows Depero’s futuristic sketch to jump out further and brings the labels effortlessly into the 21st century.

  • Fortunato Depero


    by Fortunato Depero N.1

    The first label was inspired by a black and white ink sketch made on paper in 1928. It was a graphic study made for Campari, closely recalling aperitif time, revisited and re-colored, presented on a green background with the color red in strong evidence.

  • Fortunato Depero


    by Fortunato Depero N.2

    The second label on a yellow background depicts a collage dating back to 1927. The image takes up a sketch, the original of which is kept in the archive of the Galleria Campari collection, created by the artist with colored pencils. It represents the pleasure and passion of enjoying a Campari: the most evident detail of the portrayed character is his heart, which is colored as the liquid in the glass.

  • Fortunato Depero


    by Fortunato Depero N.3

    The third Art Label,which completes the collection, on a purple background, the only one already created in color, is a 1928 illustration created by Depero with the collage technique. The work depicts the iconic little man of Fortunato Depero during the tasting of a Campari.

  • Ugo Nespolo


    by Ugo Nespolo

    Paying homage to the famous Leonetto Cappiello’s “Spiritello”, Italian artist Ugo Nespolo has reinterpreted the famous artwork for the Campari’s Limited Edition 2012.
    The label is designed to celebrate Campari’s love of art. By bringing a colourful and eye-catching twist to this classic, as well as a contemporary edge, this Edition offers an exclusive work of art in an approachable fashion style.

  • Vanessa Beecroft


    by Vanessa Beecroft

    This artist, famous for her performances and watercolors, started to acquire international fame thanks to her striking live performances and the videos and photos documenting them. In this project Vanessa Beecroft used the female image for her artistic interpretation of Campari. Consistent with much of her art, the ethereal female has a fantastic head as red as the glass of Campari that she is holding.
    "A symbol of beauty, elegance and charm, gifts that Campari has been giving to the public for 150 years" states Beecroft.

  • Tobias Rehberger


    by Tobias Rehberger

    His Campari label is based on the concept of Campari as a magic potion due to its red colour and summarized by its iconic label, in his proposal deconstructed and rebuilt with the bright colours he frequently uses in his artwork.
    "My work is abstract and it is open to various interpretations, like Campari. Similarly to my work, a Campari is like no other existing drinks: it is unique and well recognizable even when mixed in cocktails. My works are alike for their uniqueness" explains Rehberger..

  • Avaf


    by Avaf

    Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF) label themselves "an international art collective with artists born anytime between the 20th and 21st centuries in various part of the world and nomads". Its creation portrays a strong, independent female who is a combination of jass singer Nina Simone and the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. "We wanted to enrich the Campari female world - explains AVAF - to create something like a goddess, an icon".
    AVAF has a little secret: the one spokesman who appears in public for the collective wears a mask to conceal his identity.

  • Romero Britto


    by Romero Britto

    Romero Britto creates contemporary masterpieces that evoke a spirit of hope and convey a sense of warmth.
    “As soon Campari commissioned me to create a special label, I thought about the way the brand has reinvented itself over the years, and the intense emotion that it always transmits. This is why I have chosen to adapt the work of art ‘New Day’ featuring the sunrise, a newborn day, together with one of my signature elements, the heart, to illustrate this. I believe art is too important not to share, and with this label I wanted to show that Campari is also too important not to share” states Britto.