The Calendar

BitterSweet Campaign 2016


The BitterSweet Campaign theme for the 2016 Campari Calendar is multi-faceted. It's inspired by the instantly recognisable iconography of any election, using the classic theme as a metaphor for the duality of two opposing sides. The Calendar captures the nature of an election, asking people to take a stand and vote for a side. With Campari’s unique taste serving as the epitome of duality, the Calendar cleverly asks people which aspect of the classic apéritif they identify with more: Bitter or Sweet. Kate Hudson embodies and personifies the two souls of Campari, playing the roles of two different candidates: one promoting the captivating bitterness and the other supporting a more subtle, intriguing sweetness.

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2015 Mythology Mixology

This 2015 iconic Calendar, which starred the beautiful French born actress Eva Green was dedicated to celebrating Campari’s unique and intriguing history and the intrinsic linked to twelve of its best-loved classic cocktails, all captured by the talented Julia Fullerton-Batten.